YodelME Gives You EVERYTHING You Need to Connect, Communicate and Deliver on Your Operational and Safety Goals!

(Without the headaches and challenges of implementing new tools!)


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Our Clients Use YodelME to:

  • Make multi-million dollar decisions based on real-time information
  • Provide safety and communications when lives are at stake
  • Protect staff privacy
  • Reduce corporate liability

No excuse connectivity

YodelME utilizes cell, wifi, Internet of Things and satellite networks to achieve 100% connectivity anywhere even in the most extreme conditions. No sophisticated equipment required. Our equipment is "plug and play"!

Instant situational awareness

Working in rugged, isolated or dangerous situations? YodelME attaches GPS coordinates to text messages for real-time mapping.

Save Money

YodelME uses our proprietary Intelligent Connectivity ™ software on our equipment and in our application that automatically selects the fastest and least expensive network. This innovation saves you more than 75% on your satellite data!

Find out how YodelME can help you achieve 10x better communication for your teams with remote workers!

Intelligently connect people, equipment and data

What our clients have to say

“We had YodelME deployed to help us manage the communications with a wide variety of responders and contractors across a huge geographic area. There were many different types of cell phones and no common contact list for everyone but the YodelME platform allowed us all to communicate with them easily. The system also recorded those messages and helped us deploy responders to the right place at the right time.” – Paul Edmonds – Red Dragon Consulting


“YodelME is an amazingly effective communication solution that works anywhere, 24-7 and improves personal safety. I’ve set up a YodelME check-in schedule while hiking alone in the Okanagan backcountry, crossing local university campuses, walking at night in Vancouver to exploring remote areas of the Mexican Baja. By downloading the App and creating an account, I can immediately establish contact with my team to check-in with, decide on the channel, and we all have peace of mind. If I miss my check-in, YodelME alerts my chosen contacts who would immediately know where to start looking should I ever need a rescue. It’s a very cost-effective and responsible thing to do to that avoids putting Search and Rescue volunteers unnecessarily at risk and wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars.”  – Connie Delisle, President, and Founder Storyline Associates Inc


“Because YodeME automates the checking for our staff, I will be able to quadruple my capacity and cut my overhead by 2/3” – Jodi Boutilier, Owner, City Answering Service 





“Eclipse Helicopters has been working with the YodelME program for over a year in which we have found the integration of the system so valuable and vital for our operation.  It has become an integral piece of flight following as well as communications.  The service support from YodelME is excellent when we have questions or issues, so we can continue with uninterrupted operational communications with our aircraft and crews.  The ease of operation with the system creates a simple opportunity for all that we work with to have continuous and consistent connections.” – Derek Robinson – President, Eclipse Helicopters Ltd


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