Reliable Communications in Challenging Environments




Improving Safety and Operational Decision Making

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Our Customers Use YodelME to:

  • Make multi-million dollar decisions based on real-time information
  • Provide safety and communications when lives are at stake
  • Protect staff privacy
  • Reduce corporate liability

No excuse connectivity

YodelME utilizes cell, wifi and satellite networks to achieve 100% connectivity anywhere even in the most extreme conditions.

Instant situational awareness

Working in rugged, isolated or dangerous situations? YodelME attaches GPS coordinates to text messages for real-time mapping.

No more paperwork

YodelME automatically captures key information about important events to streamline check in, payroll, and breadcrumb reports.

Find out how YodelME achieves 10x better communication for teams with remote workers!

Intelligently connect people, equipment and data

The New Normal

2017 saw the most devastating forest fire season in the history of British Columbia where the YodelME
team is based. Over $564 million in direct forest fire fighting costs spent by the BC government, 65,000
residents evacuated and 3 million acres burned.

Natural Disaster is the New Normal

We depend on our ability to coordinate with each other to get work done. As these global challenges
become more devastating, we need to draw upon resources across industries and communities to
respond. This is what drives us to build the
Yodel Network: A fluid and dynamic network that intelligently connects people, resources and the data
needed to respond to our world's biggest challenges.