Communication should be easy

Managing your team can be overwhelming and overwhelmed leaders lose momentum. Lost momentum leads to inefficient operations and wasted money.


YodelME makes routine communication easy, saves money and prevents overwhelm. This is your way of helping your team focus on getting the job done.


Unlike working with traditional communications companies who take days to install sophisticated equipment, our application is easy to use and reduces data costs. Our communication equipment is “plug and play”! Plug it in and connect to the Wi-Fi with your phone. It is really that easy.


You can see your entire team in one place!


Maps can easily become overly complex. When you add menus and layers, they can cause frustration and delays. Not with YodelME! We’ve designed ours to be simple and load fast.

Lowest Cost Connectivity

Does your team struggle with complex devices? Our hardware is magnetically mounted and plugs into your vehicle. It can’t get simpler than that! Each terminal is shipped from Denmark to our headquarters and individually inspected and tested. Our software is uploaded to reduce costs and a custom cable is matched with your terminal. Before we package and ship your equipment we test it again and say a final Bon Voyage!


Our system is intelligent. It selects the fastest and cheapest network available so you save money!

Improved Safety

Where is Waldo? Don’t waste a lot of time calling on the radio or phone someone misses a check-in. Look on the map and you will see their last location and yodel them with one click.

YodelME makes your life more enjoyable without compromising safety by automating check-ins. If there is an emergency, they simply pressing the big red button on the app.

Don’t have a safety monitor? We can facilitate 24/7 monitoring.

Situational Awareness

Do you have the need to locate your team instantly?

YodelME updates locations automatically when your workers communicate. Integrate your data into your favorite mapping, payroll, billing or other application eliminating manual reports.

Need help formatting data for easy integration into other applications and reports? We can build that for you too!

Employee Buy-In

Does your team worry about you tracking them?

YodelME improves communication across your team by allowing workers to communicate the way they’re comfortable. Best of all, when they check out, we protect their privacy by cutting off location and communication information. This helps you overcome objections by demonstrating trust and caring for your team.

A Simple Business Case

In addition to being fully compliant with WorkSafeBC’s lone worker regulations and meeting the Personnel Dispatch, Check-Ins and Recall requirements of government, your return-on-investment is maximized which makes joining the YodelME system a no-brainer. We have all the procedures, emails, equipment and staff to make this the easiest deployment you’ve ever experienced. Period. Our clients have seen a return on investment in just one hour from system initiation.

A complete system done for you :

  • Implementation Plan ($52,199 Value)
  • YodelME Satellite Equipment ($74,200 Value)
  • Unlimited Satellite Data and Users ($13,200 Value)
  • Team Safety Monitoring ($31,500 Value)
  • HSE Procedure Templates ($997 Value)
  • Email Message Templates ($3,500 Value)

Not having to figure this out yourself – Priceless!

Enterprise Clients Recieve

  • Unlimited yodelers
  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited channels
  • Team & public channel
  • Team & public maps
  • Team & public reports
  • Custom reports
  • Announcement, Onboarding and Update email templates
  • HSE Policy and Procedure templates
  • Monitoring/dispatch dashboard
  • Setup & training
  • Technical support
  • Optional 24/7 monitoring
  • Optional satellite data plan