Proactive vs Reactive: What Kind Of Leader Are You?

There are two types of Leaders in this world, proactive and reactive. There are those that actively and effectively take the initiative to drive their business forward and there are those that simply put out fires and hope for the best.

As entrepreneurs, we have a choice to be one of these two people and this decision can have a drastic effect on our business.


Aspire to be proactive

Proactive leaders are the kind that the rest of us aspire to be.

They’re the hustlers that are never satisfied with the status-quo, they spend hours tinkering on their processes and are always looking for areas to improve.

It’s these proactive leaders that are the first to jump on new technologies and find innovative ways to implement them to improve their agencies.

Whether it’s trialing a cutting-edge GPS survey technology or implementing a more efficient asset management system, these entrepreneurs are always one step ahead of the rest of their market.

They tackle problems before they become disasters and never leave anything to chance.

We all know entrepreneurs like this; they are our mentors, our inspirations, our benchmarks for success.

But the question remains why don’t we hold ourselves to the same high standards in our own businesses?


Success makes us complacent

When starting out we are all proactive leaders. We hustle to get our ideas off the ground by any means necessary.

We spend hours planning our strategy, validating our concept and executing our brilliant ideas. Then we launch and our sole focus becomes our will to make our vision successful.

Eventually, we get comfortable and we take our foot off the gas.

This is when many of us make the sad transition from proactive to reactive leaders.

We become so concerned about maintaining what little success we have that we lose focus on the drive that got us there in the first place. We stop innovating or critically thinking about improving our systems and we focus solely on its stability.

Sadly it’s this very mentality that often loses us the stability we so desire.


Reactive Reality Check

“It’s the way people run their business. When something gets good they go to defense, and that’s the second they start losing…” Gary Vaynerchuk

Being a reactive leader leaves us as prime targets for disaster.

Our time is spent running around attempting to put out the ‘high priority’ fires that regularly come across our desk rather than actively building more efficient systems and innovating ways to improve our business.

Eventually, one of two things will happen; we are either blindsided by a fire that you can’t control (employee accident, client mishap or system breakdown), or you are defeated by a competitor that has built a better, cheaper and more efficient version of your same business model.

Get proactive before it’s too late

If you want to guarantee yourself a successful and secure business for years to come you need to become the proactive entrepreneur you once were.

You need to get back to your original startup mindset, you need to critically analyze your business, identify problems and come up with innovative solutions.

Look at the market and think about what your competitors are doing to be successful. If you’re not using the technology and solutions your top competitors are implementing then you are already on the edge of disaster.

It’s never too late to save your business from a reactive downfall. The only real failure in business is the failure to act so take this opportunity for what it is, a wake-up call. Stop procrastinating, stop putting out fires and take some proactive