What to expect from us

At YodelME, we work with Indigenous organizations and communities, local governments, provincial agencies, and numerous other organizations and suppliers that are asked to respond when a large scale emergency strikes. Disaster response often involves people who haven’t worked together before, doing jobs they may not have done before. Every emergency response is unique, and most are complex. So at YodelME we like to keep things simple. We’ve developed a simple three-step process specifically designed to help people and organizations come together quickly and efficiently, even while coping with high levels of uncertainty.

Step 1 - Rely on Local Knowledge

Understanding the needs of our clients and their current situation is critical.YodelME staff know a lot about creating effective communications during a disaster, but you know your backyard better than anyone else. And more importantly, you know your people: the most vital resource in any emergency.

Step 2 - Develop a Flexible Plan

During a major emergency response your communication needs expand, contract, and morphe in response to the ever-changing situation. The mix of emergency responders, contractors, military personnel, and civilians is constantly changing. You need to plan, and you need to plan to change the plan. That is why YodelME technology has been designed from the ground up to work in an unreliable, every-changing environment. Our mobile app is simple and intuitive. Onboarding and training time is minutes, not hours or days. Our operations dashboards are equally simple and intuitive. We only thing we assume about the people using our system is that they are under stress and overworked. You need everything to be easy to understand and use, and that’s our strength.

Step 3 - Deliver Results

Implementation — actually ensuring plans become actions — is what makes the YodelME service unique. Your community isn’t sitting back hoping everything works out, and neither do we. We provide trained staff who work inside your Emergency Operations Center as an integral part of your communications team. We also go into the field, ensuring the every-changing mix of people and resources are able to maintain communication with your EOC operations and logistics teams. We don’t assume people who have never worked together are going to know who to talk to or how to reach them. We constantly monitor the communication patterns looking for and filling in the gaps.

YodelME Joins the EOC Team!