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We take our track record very seriously and understand that this is NOT for everyone. If you like to be comfortable and you recoil in horror at anything that sounds different from what you know and currently do – even if you know it’s not working – this is not for you! The other option is to take all this very, very seriously, still have fun, but pull on your boots and go to work getting up to speed as quickly as possible. This is for people who are quick to understand and take full advantage of every resource. People who discover and implement, discover and implement and do it over again. At first, you’ll achieve small results, soon bigger and then more extensive, and expansive transformation occurs. It’s personally satisfying and professionally astonishing.


YodelME is for you if:


1. You have successfully implemented projects in the past

2. You understand your agencies purchasing process

3. You understand the impacts and cost of unreliable communications

4. You have tried other solutions and are not satisfied


“I was very impressed with this [YodelME] system. The RDOS covers a large geographic area and the flood event affected a good portion of the District. One hundred & sixty (160) crews (operational period of May 19/18) were scattered throughout the District on various projects and were [effectively] tracked by “Yodel” for safety check-ins, communications, and total resources  assigned to the event for situation reporting.” -Tim Ewart Retired BC Wildfire Incident Commander

If you are responsible for managing, responding to, or supplying emergency response you’ll want to read the RDOS After-Action Report. It contains useful learnings and recommendations from the 2018 flood response.

RDOS Emergency Operations Center

During the Spring 2018 spring freshet, the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) opened an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to manage flood response throughout the 10,400 square kilometers of the South Okanagan, The EOC was managing numerous concurrent emergency situations and soon realized that effective communications had become the weak link. They integrated YodelME into the core EOC team to quickly provide effective communications between field staff and the EOC.

Watch the video, the drone footage is amazing! YodelME is discussed at the 3:50 mark.

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