Communication should be easy

Managing responders can be overwhelming and overwhelmed managers lose momentum. Lost momentum leads to an inefficient operation and wasted money.

YodelME makes routine communication easy, saves money and prevents overwhelm. This is your way of helping your team focus on getting the job done.

Lowest Cost Connectivity

Does your team struggle with satellite devices?

YodelME is smart: It will select the most cost-effective network without your team having to think about it. It just works! Best of all, you don’t have to purchase additional equipment because it works on the smartphones your workers already carry.


Safety & Security #1

Do you waste a lot of time when some forgets to check-in?

YodelME makes your life more enjoyable without compromising safety by automating check-ins. If there is an emergency, they simply pressing the big red button on the app.

Don’t have a safety monitor? We can facilitate 24/7 monitoring.

Dynamic Mapping

Do you have the need to locate your team instantly?

YodelME updates locations automatically when your workers communicate. Integrate your data into your favorite mapping, payroll, billing or other application eliminating manual reports.

Need help formatting data for easy integration into other applications and reports? We can build that for you too!

Communicate Their Way

Does your team or department worry about you tracking them?

YodelME improves communication across your team by allowing workers to communicate the way they’re comfortable. Best of all, when they check out, we protect their privacy by cutting off location and communication information. This helps you overcome objections by demonstrating trust and caring for your team.

A Simple Business Case

In addition to being fully compliant with WorkSafeBC’s lone worker regulations and meeting the Personnel Dispatch, Check-Ins and Recall requirements to be a BC Wildfire Service Contractor, your return-on-investment is maximized which makes joining the Yodel Network a no-brainer.

Return on Investment:

  • VHF equipment and maintenance no longer needed
  • Satellite phones and plans no longer needed
  • Manager time chasing down information eliminated
  • Worker time filling in reports eliminated
  • Time dispatcher spends locating workers eliminated
  • Time saved by automating timecards and billing
  • Reduced WorkSafeBC premiums

The safety and security of your team – invaluable!

Enterprise Features

  • Unlimited yodelers
  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited channels
  • Create team & public channel
  • Create team & public maps
  • Download team & public reports
  • Custom report integrations
  • Monitoring/dispatch dashboard
  • Setup & training
  • Telephone technical support
  • Optional 24/7 monitoring
  • Optional satellite data plan